About us

KENDWA ROCKS offers something for every need and budget. The relaxed Zanzibari atmosphere will mellow you down in no time.

Kendwa Rocks is about one hour drive from Zanzibar Town towards the northern tip of the island. The road descends through Kendwa village towards one of the most fantastic beaches of East Africa. Just opposite you can see the lighthouse of nearby Tumbatu Island. Sunbathing may be enough, but you can also snorkel, dive or fish and do small boat trips on the turquoise waters. Beautiful sunsets are everyday thrill and moonlighted nights on the white coral and seashell beach make an unforgettable experience.
The choice of accomodation is ample: you can choose a spacious suite or family room, coral stone or palmwood bungalow or just a simple palmwood banda. The rooms are surrounded by coconut trees and lush tropical gardens.