Wooden Bungalows

These are cosy and situated right on the sand. They are self-contained, with veranda and big window opening towards the beach and private JAcuzzi or shared swimming pool on the sun deck. They are named after the islands of the East African coast. Those mentioned together (below) share veranda.
LAMU {new} : 1 double bed 210x210 cm, extra bed possible AC, hot water, Jacuzzi. Not for small children.
MANDA, PATE & KIWAYUU {new}: 1 double bed 210x210cm, 1 single bed 120x210cm
AC, hot water. The three bungalows share a 10x 2,5m swimming pool. Not for small children.

Mafia & Kilwa 1 double bed 160 cm.
Kiwayuu 1 double bed 150 cm.
Comoro 2 single beds 100 cm. 2 single beds.