Full Moon Party


is organized around the FULL MOON every month. Usually on a Saturday. 

A delicious grill menu. Amazing acrobats & fire eaters. Dance music up to late. Chill on the beach or join the dancing crowd!

FULL MOON parties attract a big crowd of people, locals as well as guests from as far as Dar-es-Salaam, even Kenya.
We have been listed on top 10 Full Moon Party in the World




FULL MOON parties started off with traditional NGOMA drum&dance groups on the white sandy ground of Kendwa, where guests used to join with performers in African style. As bar life started developing (our tiny bar was the first to open in 1998), DJs became popular. DJ Yussuf (UK/Zbar) was favourite for many years with his world music oriented Routes in Rhythm.

The idea for FULL MOON party came from Finland: At the time of the FULL MOON of August friends gathered in a remote wild forest to enjoy nature and good company, and of course, the magic of the FULL MOON.

SAUTI ZA BUSARA – Swahili Music Festival’s GRAND FINAL –parties have been hosted by Kendwa Rocks many times. KENDWA ROCKS has been sponsoring SAUTI ZA BUSARA Festival for many years.


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