FAQ at Kendwa Rocks

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How is the weather in Zanzibar and what is the best time to be in Zanzibar?

The climate is more humid than on the mainland. The long, dry season that runs from June until October comes with a blue sky and gorgeous sunny weather. The “green” season starts at the end of March/beginning of April and lasts until the end of May. The ‘short rains’ take place during November and December and act as a refreshing period for the land, with the second dry season, just a short one, taking place in January and February.The temperature from September until April is 26-32 celcius and from May to August 25-28 celcius.

Does the hotel have family rooms?

Yes, we do have family rooms. However, the number of family rooms is limited and usually guaranteed and offered based on first come first served basis.

Does the hotel have smoking rooms?

All our rooms are non-smoking. Smoking can be done outside your room at the balcony where an ashtray has been provided. Other areas with no smoking restriction are the bar and the pool area.

Which popular attractions are close to Kendwa Rocks?

Zanzibar parasailing, Nnungwi marine turtles Aquarium and the Zanzibar Watersports Center.

What is the best way to do tours and excursions of the surrounding attractions? Does the hotel handle this or itʼs advisable to go private?

Our hospitable tours and excursions experts (The Coral Travel) will advise you on the exiting attractions available in Zanzibar. You will be offered amazing tailor-made packages at considerable and competitive rates.

Do you cater for handicap facilities?

Kendwa Rocks has been specially designed from scratch with disabled guests in mind in strict compliance with all current specifications for disabled access. The fine furnishings and decoration of both the interior and exterior spaces of our Hotel, the high quality services and the hospitable, cosy environment of Kendwa Rocks, guarantee a pleasant and comfortable stay for guests with accessibility needs, their families and/or escorts.



How far is Kendwa Rocks from the Airport and whatʼs best to use Hotel shuttle or Taxi?

Taxi? The hotel is located in the North west coast of Zanzibar in Nnungwi, some 60 km from the Airport - approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes drive. The hotel transfers are carried out by a reliable travel company called ZanCruise whom we advise all our guests to use.

Is parking available at Kendwa Rocks?

The hotel boasts of ample parking space available to our guests at no cost. However it is important tonote that the hotel does not take any liability for vehichles parked on site.

Can I hire a self-drive in Zanzibar?

Yes, there are a number of companies to assist in car hire. However, we strongly advise a private driveror a taxi in order to focus on enjoying the scenery of Northern Zanzibar.


Does the hotel have a Diving and water sports facilities?

Yes, these facilities are available onsite and run by the renowned Zanzibar Watersports Centre. Zanzibar Watersports is a diving and fishing operator in Zanzibar offering snorkeling, dhow cruises, kayaking, windsurfing, waterskiing, parasailing, jet-skiing, kite boarding etc. etc.

Is there any problem with mosquitoes while in Zanzibar? What must I do?

Most guests prefer to take anti-malerial pills prior to their trips. This however has adverse stomach reactions which t4end to hatch out during the holiday period, causing a great discomfort. We advise our guests to use mosquito repellants during evening outdoors as all rooms have mosquito nets and are usually sprayed during turn down service.


What activities can be done while staying at Kendwa Rocks?

There are a lots of actitivities for both aquaholic and terrestrial holiday makers.Watersports activities: kite surfing, parasailing, sunset dhow cruise, snorkeling and diving.Terrestrial activities: Volleyball, Cultural village tour, and Marine turtles & cruise excursion

How accessible is the beach in relation to tides?

Usually, the full moon and new moon dictate the strength of the tides on the shoreline. Depending on the moon, Zanzibar experiences 2 low and 2 high tides per day, with 6 hours in between low and high. However, the North west coast is the least exposed to tides, which makes Kendwa Rocks an ideal location, since tides have no impact on our beach.Please be aware of sea urchins during low tide.

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Fullmoon FAQ

When is the full moon party?

Please see our calendar to see the upcoming Full Moon Dates.

Can I park my car?

We have limited parking spaces for 60vehicles. There is also space outside the gate of the hotel. All parking is at your own risk.

When does the party start?

Dinnerand performances begin at 8PM. The music starts playing after dinner, usuallyaround 10PM. Please contact us for reservations.

How much are the entrance tickets?

Generally 20,000 TSH (10$), however depending on the season and performances this mayfluctuate.

How long is the party open?

The party comes to a close at 5AM

Will there be food served all night long?

Yes, Pizza and Shawarma available all night long.

Is there a place to store small bags, purses, shoes, etc.?

Yes, we provide payable lockers with keys for storage of small items. All items stored at your own risk.

When does the party start?

Dinnerand performances begin at 8PM. The music starts playing after dinner, usuallyaround 10PM. Please contact us for reservations.

Is it possible to share my photos and experiences?

Please post and tag us on Instagram andFacebook or you can send any videos or photos to us at:

Do I get free entrance if I have a room in the hotel?

Yes, all in-house guests have free entrance to the event.

Is there arranged transport to and from the event?

No we do not organize transport. However, there are Taxi’s outside the gate 24/7.

Is swimming allowed?

We do not have a lifeguard on duty during the night and our pool is closed after 6PM. We strongly advise guests not to swim in the ocean at night, especially intoxicated. Kendwa Rocks is not liable for guest’s safety.

Does the event have security and medical services?

Yes, we have security and police on premises and in the event of emergency; we have a medical team and ambulance on standby.

Can I buy and book tables in advance?

Yes, you can do so through the eventsbooking app called ‘Nilipe’. Please follow the instructions on the Full Moonpage of our website. Here is a link to download the application on your mobiledevice:
Google Play:
Apple’s App Store: